Lord Vishnu. Ra and Earthly Deelightz

Lord Vishnu. Ra and Earthly Deelightz
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Las Vegas, NV, United States
I am an award winning nationally published editorial fashion and portraiture photographer based in Las Vegas, NV and assigned worldwide. My photographs are insightful, considered, poignant, unique and perceptive- you will recognize a fresh, fuller more complete and personal perspective.

How it works

all packages are subject to minor and dynamic changes affected only by bringing you YOUR best shoot ever- you want 3 monkeys and an erupting volcano in Antarctica?

Platinum pack
includes personal delivery of 36x60 inch museum quality archival framed print ready for wall hanging and all select full size digital files with web ready copies

Me, gear and hair and make up for a full day- we start with a meeting a week or more before the big day to discuss ideas, shoot concepts, props, clothing, styling, location.
Shoot day, we begin in hair and make up at a civil 1o:30 am. light healthy lunch catered to 1st location, shoot all afternoon into evening with multiple clothing changes and locations/looks. We travel in a convoy from location to location around Miami/Ft Lauderdale/Palm Beach/the Keys/Naples.
Within a week, you get to see ALL the photographer's shots, which is everything we shoot excluding the few out of focus or eyes wide shut or there's drool on your cheek pictures as jpgs on a private, password protected website. For your eyes only at this point! In consultation, we narrow down the full day's pictures from perhaps 800-1000 to maybe 12 of YOUR SELECTS.
Then, I narrow them down to one most exalted, most eggsellent photo from each location eachclothing look.
A non refundable 30% deposit is required to book your shoot day. Weather will be re-scheduled by me.

Call 305.479.4521 to discuss- we are happy to make this easy and fun. Miami based/worldwide

Platinumer Package
includes personal delivery of 36x60 inch museum quality archival framed print ready for wall hanging and all select full size digital files with web ready copies

This package includes the silver package and goes further. I include a custom location where we take over a really cool, well known place for an hour for you alone!
You have always dreamed of walking the beach alone, of coming down the huge main stairway at a $1200/night ocean front hotel, of riding a white horse into the surf, of driving a funny car at a Nascar track, of sashaying beautifully down the white line mid Collins Avenue at Sunset, of sharing a fine white wine with a movie star (subject to availability), of dressing as a cop and riding on patrol, to hanging with a pop band and cutting up some vinyl in the recording studio. You get the picture- we add a totally impossible scenario to your shoot that will be forever memorialized in your killer photograph!
A non refundable 40% deposit is required to book your shoot day. Weather will be re-scheduled by me.

Call to chat: 305.479.4521 Miami based/worldwide assignments

$7500/5 days + expenses and travel for three (me, an assistant and a hair and make up artist)
includes personal delivery of 48x72 inch museum quality archival framed print framed for wall hanging and all select full size digital files with web ready copies

We pull out all the stops and shoot this 3 days on location (plus 2 travel days) in your choice of Phuket, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Outback Oz, Kilimanjaro, Kabul, Myanmar, Paris, the Blue Nile, Vegas or... Disney World? I have a call in to Neverland Ranch, we'll let you know when we do. We bring hair and make up, an assistant and all the gear. The stops...? There are none, we pull them all. I have shot in most of these places and am familiar with hotels, habits, customs, and killer locations to make the well... there are no words. You can bring friends, family, cars, couturist, models to shoot with you, anything you want. And the prices are not much more than a typical vacation! Of course, you can stay as long as you want before or after... maybe just drop me a postcard with your new address for the photographs?
A non refundable 100% deposit is required to book your shoot.

Would love to chat, 305.479.4521 Miami based/worldwide assignments.


I smile when I hear photographers claiming they are "photojournalists in style" when they have never had a photograph published in any journal, much less any magazine.
Think about it. photo + journal = picture + magazine
You think magazines publish junk pictures and crummy photographers?
Not if they want to stay in business.

Even if you don't know "good photography", ponder gauging your next photographer by where his work has been featured.

Beware, a poseur with a canon or nikon using the description "photojournalistic style" can be sliding you an excuse for delivering poor photography they will attempt to foist on you and call "editorial", "candid" or "photojournalistic" if you don't 'get it'.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feast Eyes ONE AND ONLY PHOTOGRAPHY quinceanera, fashion, seniors, model portfolios, family portrait UNIQUE PHOTOGRAPHY

you have landed on the best portraiture photography around

i b

at ease captain and
carry on


hollister clothing company employee and model

I am an award winning nationally published editorial fashion and portrait photographer.

I have had work in magazines ranging the spectrum from
Newsweek, Forbes, Ocean Drive, NY Magazine, Penthouse, Ski Racing, Miami Dolphins Game Day, to Architectural Digest, Boca Raton Observer, Sotheby's and Florida Business News, Miami Living, Florida Inside Out and many more!
If you live in Florida, you have probably driven under billboards with my photographs on them.
You may have ridden busses that are pasted with my work.
If you read magazines, you have seen my work.

Where of it

i shoot from helicopters and small planes, i shoot from horseback, camelback, switchback, aboard hard driving sloops, from war torn country lanes and yowling dingo dog half baked red dust slick rock canyons, i shoot in pools and in blue room tubes, west suit stormsuit from Kazakstan to Rangoon, i shoot from mountain tops and desert floors, i shoot on blue moons and rising tides, mainly i shoot people

Why of it

I want to expand my market, but truthfully? seriously?

I want to shoot more often cuz that's what I love to do!

I love the challenge of a cool location, duller ones being cooler cuz they're more challenging

dung IS dung but it might can work

i love making a photograph, constructing it through the initial concept, the adding up of all the elements the structure, the composition, the visual and pyschological, the psychosommatic the neuronal the impart YOU bring and how it works the alignment of wind and fire earth and water all the digits working together fighting and throwing in to make an image that is more than you or I or the moment it was in

the scream the smile the torque which is a slew of junk in time that came together

i love the still image and love it best when we can see what added up to make it

What's up??

You want an amazing photograph...

You are in the right place.


Check out the latest from kool shotz- seniors, family get together, quinceanera, debutante, coming out, graduation, a self immolating, self aggrandizing, selflessly self promoting one of a kind, unique, never seen elsewhere or ever again portrait memorializing you.

an unforgettable photograph of you!

what's a good picture? what's the difference between good and bad?
why not video? why a still image?

LOOK ON dear reader
some serious eye festivities


a contrasty, mildly edgy on location photograph
note how the beautiful and soft girl is shot in an ugly and hard location
now that's contrasty
now that's cool

that's why I hate studio shooting- you can't duplicate cool edgy backgrounds indoors with muslim cloths and white seamless paper

think about this being a single frame in a 30 minute tv show- the plot and ads and other actors DETRACT from this moment shared by me and her and... you!

digital art kind of
does it work, is it applicable, what is too digital, when can it be cool


This fellow above-and Jesus below- a four tour vet, has fought off sickle-wielding al qaeda fanatix in Fallujah and terrorists in Bosnia, hence the tightly cropped look at his face and eyes is appropriate.


The famous La Pieta is found in the Vatican and sculpted by Michelangelo

but here's my/our version- yes, our version
because a photograph, any photograph, is a collaborative effort.

this could be you @ 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide hanging over your mantlepiece in a fine hand-carved mahogany wood frame
have you ever dreamed of being Joan of Arc? Venus de Milo? Fred Astaire?

If you are alive, you have dreamed
I can make it happen

we can shoot a famous movie or tv scene with you as the star!
you as religious art?
or as a famous fashion model?
Gizella for a day?
Mr. Gonzales Goes to Washington?
Mr. Red Reservoir Dogs?
Float like a Butterfly?
Brittany! agghhhh.....
Oh. Sorry.


This fellow was attending a finale for Model La Latina, which I covered for Si TV out in LA.
Since I only shoot great pictures, I take assignments like this seriously and pull out the stops.
I never don't in fact.
I brought 6 strobes (@ $1G) and set up MY location and asked event goers to step in to MY set on the La Latina set. Note: MY LOCATION MY SET. You can't make great photos at a big event using on camera flash and a dslr set on automatic.
You can't. I can't. They can't.
You can and do make snapshots- ohhh, look at barney! He's trashed! How cute.
But I can if I can produce and control the location, the light and the camera.

I digress

You're wanting to be your real inner sanctus omnibus creep, Ebaneezer Scrooge?


I use the best equipment available. The gear is expensive and super high rez.
A flash bulb costs $450. The bulb.
Why? Best gear makes best pictures. This is NOT point and shoot, digital slr set on auto photography. In fact, there is nothing automatic here at all. It is all manually set up, exactingly and expertly lit and selected to optimize the results- to get you the Ferrari of Photographs.. Automatic on a station wagon versus paddle shifter on a high performance car...
I don't shoot without a hair and make up person because your pictures won't look as good as they could. My people are experts at making you look your best. I am expert at bringing that out in a photograph.

You will look your best, even if you want a grunge look!

I am not cheap, in fact I am expensive.

I know you want the best for the least- we all do
But $value$ is the real word we are discussing

The best watch, the best car, the best horse, the best whiskey, the best computer, the best golf bag, the best jet... they cost a lot of money

They deliver a lot of value to those who can afford them

So do my pictures

we are hoping to hear from you and to contribute to making the making of your photograph the very best next event of your life